Nikita Slater Brand Name
  • BOOK 2

    Sanctuary on Fire

    A bitten human is a dead human…

    We are taught this mantra from birth so that we run faster, hide better, fight harder. When the Death Kiss comes, it’s final. There is no escape from the Turn.

    I am Taran, a resident of Sanctuary. I am the Desert Wren, the former leader of a rebel group. I am the wife of a Warlord, a man who has vowed to burn Sanctuary to the ground if anything happens to me. I am a friend, a sister, a lover.

    8 minutes will decide my fate… and I’ve been bitten.

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  • Sanctuary on Fire by Nikita Slater
  • Sanctuary's Warlord by Nikita Slater
  • BOOK 1

    Sanctuary's Warlord

    In a hostile world ravaged by disease, only the strongest survive.

    She is the Desert Wren, a rebel bent on providing safe passage to illegal refugees entering into her Sanctuary city. If she’s caught she’ll be executed, but the price is worth the privilege of doing what she knows is right. Except when she’s finally caught, the sentence isn’t death, it’s her freedom.

    It’s the Warlord’s job to weed out the weak and sacrifice them for the good of the Sanctuary. Brutal and autocratic, he is the highest authority. The only threat to his dictatorship is a rebel faction rising up from the slums of his city. When he arrests a rebel leader, the Desert Wren, he sees his redemption. She will help him guide Sanctuary into the future. He just needs to convince his little captive that she’s better off with him than flying free.

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