Nikita Slater Brand Name
  • Mine to Keep by Nikita Slater
  • Mine to Keep

    Veronica’s always listened and done what men wanted. Less pain, easier to get what she needed. Then she was rescued. But the boy who saved her is handing her over to another man: Robert of Senator Security. He follows her, protects and hunts her. He demands she belong to him and him alone. But she doesn't want to be an obedient girl anymore.

    This novella can be read as standalone or after Because You’re Mine.

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  • Thieving Hearts

    Protector, stalker, lover… she is his obsession. But until she was old enough to claim, he could only wait, watch and protect. But something happened to his perfect princess along the way. She’d grown dark and distant. Now, he will burn her world and bathe in the blood of her enemies until he can take back what is his.

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  • Thieving Hearts by Nikita Slater
  • Driven by Desire by Nikita Slater
  • Driven by Desire

    What the boss wants, the boss gets. And, from the moment he sets eyes on the little mechanic, he wants Riley. Despite his dangerous reputation, she denies him at every turn, infuriating and intriguing him until he knows he must own her loyalty, passion and fire. He won't stop until she becomes his.

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  • Because You're Mine

    Allie has loved Jay forever. But he sent her away when she was eighteen and forced her to live her own life, away from the street and the gangs. Away from him. It had hurt, but she’d done it. For ten years she'd built a career and a life separate from him. Now he's back and he wants what belongs to him.

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  • Because You're Mine by Nikita Slater