Nikita Slater Brand Name

Ruthless, demanding and fiercely possessive, the men of Fire and Vice take what they want. No questions and no apologies. It's the only way to protect the women they love.

  • BOOK 7

    In His Sights

    Mack Hudson prefers life uncomplicated. He kills complications. Until Lucy. The woman with stars in her eyes and love on her lips who whirled into his life with the speed of a lightning bolt, turning a hardened bounty hunter into the protective lover he never thought he could be.

    With enemies at their backs, a city on fire and a mob war on the horizon, Mack will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to him. If they thought he was dangerous when he had nothing, there's no stopping him now that he has everything.

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  • In His Sights (Book 7 of Fire and Vice) by Nikita Slater
  • Bound by Blood (Book 6 of Fire and Vice) by Nikita Slater
  • BOOK 6

    Bound by Blood

    Russian mafia enforcer Boris Grekov knew the moment he set eyes on her that Laney Paul would belong to him. If he had a lifetime, he would spend it convincing her that they were inseparable. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time. Exiled from Russia for more than a decade with a bounty on his head, he must now go back to reclaim his throne. He wants his woman at his side, whether she agrees to go or not.

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  • BOOK 5

    Fear in Her Eyes

    Daniel Mercer wanted something he couldn’t have. He wanted the woman from his building: the blind musician. The black part of his soul called for him to reach out and take her, to make her beg. He wanted to see the fear in her eyes as he took her from her tidy world.

    But he needed to protect her. From himself.

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  • Fear in Her Eyes (Book 5 of Fire and Vice) by Nikita Slater
  • Savage Vendetta (Book 4 of Fire and Vice) by Nikita Slater
  • BOOK 4

    Savage Vendetta

    What happens when the baddest mob boss in town wants the untouchable homicide detective who is determined to take him down? Vladimir Sitnikov will play a dangerous game with the fiery Jane McKinley to bring her under his roof and his control.

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  • BOOK 3

    King's Command

    Tyson King always got what he wanted. This time he wanted a woman. He wanted Claudia.

    On the run from a sadistic ex-boyfriend and his boss, Claudia Cantore had finally found a place she felt safe enough to call home. Unfortunately, she chose Tyson King’s city. Now, the ruthless businessman seems determined to keep her in his possession.

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  • King's Command (Book 3 of Fire and Vice) by Nikita Slater
  • Fight or Flight (Book 2 of Fire and Vice) by Nikita Slater
  • BOOK 2

    Fight or Flight

    Ash's life was simple. He protected the boss and the casino with brutal loyalty. In his spare time he was a champion cage fighter, his only friend an undemanding Rottweiler. The moment Ash set eyes on Anastasia Sitnikov, his dream woman complete with purple lipstick and bad attitude, his life got a whole lot more complicated.

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  • BOOK 1

    Prisoner of Fortune

    Sold to pay off a debt to the rich owner of a casino. He locked her up in his penthouse for his exclusive use. He held her captive, and punished her when she resisted. She knew he was a bad man who did bad things. She had to get away before he took more than she could give.

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  • Prisoner of Fortune (Book 1 of Fire and Vice) by Nikita Slater